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Mining Services - The Backbone of Australian Latin America Mining Partnerships

Sydney - November 16, 2011

Eagle Corporate Advisers held today, together with its partners, a successful roundtable discussion on Mining Supply Chain Trade and Investment with Latin America.

The Hon. Peter Beattie, Resources Sector Supplier Envoy and one of the panel presenters at the roundtable event, has told mining industry leaders in Brisbane that the Mining Equipment, Technology and Services (METS) sector is a crucial piece of the jigsaw in building stronger and more fruitful partnerships between Australia and Latin America mining sectors.

At the 'Mining Supply Chain Trade and Investment with Latin America' Roundtable, hosted by Eagle Corporate Advisers, specialists in international transactions, Mr. Beattie encouraged mining firms in both Australia and Latin America to see that building initial bilateral relationships could create further multilateral opportunities between the sectors in the future.

"As the former Premier of Queensland, and Trade Commissioner in Latin America I've seen firsthand the increasing interest in Australia and Latin America trade and investment related to the mining industry. In particular we are seeing the mining equipment, technology and services sector forming the backbone of many of the partnerships."

"These partnerships are not just representing bilateral relationships between two countries. What we are seeing are these relationships forming multilateral opportunities across research and development, education and training advancement as well as bench-marking of industry best practices."

The roundtable brought together mining leaders from both Australia and Latin America, including Austmine Chairman Alan J. Broome, AM, Xstrata Copper's Karen Read and Dan Sullivan, Austrade Trade Commissioner Peru and Latam Team Leader, Mining Resources, to discuss the opportunities and challenges of doing business in this sector in South America.

The host of the roundtable series, which will focus on trade and investment between Australia and Latin America, Brett Eagle, CEO of Eagle Corporate Advisers, said the aim of the event was to showcase the opportunities that stronger links could provide.

"In recent years, with the booming Asian economies, our attention has naturally been focused on economies such as China. But we must remember that Latin America offers equally appealing opportunities for the minint sector."

Brazil is the world's sixth largest economy; we're seeing expansion in key markets including Columbia, Peru and Mexico. To seize the opportunities we need the public and private sectors working together. I welcome Mr. Beattie's efforts to highlight the opportunities that are available to companies in both Australia and Latin America."

Mr. Beattie's attendance at the roundtable event comes on the eve of a visit to the Northern Territory and Western Australia, where he will meet with key stakeholders in the resources sector and continue consultations to champion Australian industry participation in major resources projects.

"My goal as Resources Sector Supplier Envoy is to work with resources businesses in Australia to build partnerships, to showcase capabilities and to ensure every part of the sector, including METS, is internationally competitive and seizing the opportunities that are there for the taking."

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